FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - November 27th, 2007.
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We hope this list of questions tackles some of the more common issues our users experience.
If you think another question belongs here please let us know.

Is this site really free?  What's the catch?  How do you make money?

Yes, is 100% free.  You will never be charged in any way, and your membership is yours for life unless you choose to delete it.  Other sites use hidden tricks like putting charges on your phone bill or installing adware and spyware, but we NEVER do anything to charge our users or harm their internet experience in any way.  Check out what our members have to say about our site.

This is worth repeating:  Our site will NEVER send you SPAM and we will NEVER infect your computer with adware / spyware / trojans / viruses.  (If you are already infected with spyware or any sort of BADWARE, here is How to get Spyware/Badware off your computer).

If you cannot take our word for it, please look up our site on Site Advisor - an objective third-party tool that checks websites for spam, viruses, and other things that a surfer would not want to encounter.  We have always held their highest rating, and if anyone knows any other site-analysis tools we would be more than happy to post it here.  Our reputation for customer satisfaction and security is our top priority!

Want more proof? is the first adult website in history to receive not one but TWO seals of approval from TRUSTe,  the same non-profit third party organization that analyzes Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, and 32 of the top Fortune 500 companies!  Click to verify our TRUSTe Web Privacy Seal and TRUSTe E-Mail Privacy Seal.  No other adult site takes as much pride in security and customer satisfaction as we do!

What do our members say about our site?  Check out our Member Testimonials post on our blog.

For more information, read our quick explanation of our site available in over 30 languages!  (Unlike other adult sites, we welcome free members from every country in the world.)

And as for the "how do you make money?" question:  The simple answer is that we don't.  We get money from investors, advertisers and sponsors to help cover our costs, but never from our valued members!

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Why do you need my e-mail address?

No, it's not because we will spam you or sell your e-mail.  Here is why we require an e-mail address:

  • We need a unique identifying username for each user to log in to our site.

  • We need to make sure that each unique username is assigned to a different person.  We don't want a single person generating millions of usernames and slowing our site.

  • Your e-mail serves as your digital signature, as per our terms and conditions, swearing that you are over 18 years old and that you agree with our terms and conditions each time you login.

  • Users are far less likely to share their login information when their username is their e-mail address.

  • In case of a technical support request or other emergency, we can contact our users with help.

We've considered using other login options but the e-mail address seems to be by far the best, for practical and legal reasons.  Our site has been around for many years and we have NEVER sent any e-mails to our users besides our newsletter that we send every few months.

If you are seriously nervous about giving away our e-mail address but really want to join our site, here is what we suggest.  Go to / / and get a free e-mail account with them and use that to join our site.  Hopefully, one day we can gain your trust and you can sign up using your real e-mail address.  Also, learn about our RSS feed so you can stay in touch without e-mail!

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I've seen other porn sites ask for my e-mail address to join, is this the same thing?


There are tons of adult sites out there that ask for your e-mail address in order to receive some type of subscription, membership, newsletter, e-zine, etc.  It's all a scam.  You will get bombed with massive amounts of spam and spyware, and waste your valuable time going in circles trying to find some decent content.  Unfortunately, you won't - all you will find is advertising for more and more scams.

On the other hand, our site is the best adult site on the internet, even taking into account the most expensive paysites.  Our site is the ONLY one of its kind.  There are no other sites like it, none even close.  Look for yourself.  We've even had to legally trademark our name® so that other scam-sites couldn't confuse our fans.

But don't worry.  Just because we're the best doesn't mean we slack off and spend all of our time bragging about our site.  We work around the clock to make our website better and better, so we can eventually gain YOUR loyalty as one of our satisfied members.

P.S.  If you are really looking for another site to join, we recommend our sister-site

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What kind of content do you offer?  What about Fetish or Gay stuff?

We offer ALL types of legal adult content.  If it's out there and it's not against the law, you will find it at our site.  Besides having the best selection of what some may call "mainstream" porn, we're also proud to say that we offer one of the best collections of gay porn, celebrity sex tapes, Hentai, and pretty much every other niche, fetish, or porn category you can imagine.  Here is a short list of categories that we cover.

Every day we scour the web for the hottest new adult DVD-releases, the best reality porn, breakthroughs in High-Definition video and audio, and any new content or new development that we think our members will enjoy.  And when we find it, we do whatever it takes to make it available to our members absolutely free.

If you are looking for a specific niche or fetish, please read below about how our members area is organized.  We do not have separate sections for every porn category.  Instead, we just acquire everything that is available from each production studio and then allow you to browse freely through each library, where you can watch whatever you like.  The only exception is the Gay members page which contains direct links to our gay content.

Additionally, we routinely screen our content providers and link partners to make sure that the content that they offer is legal under the laws of the United States.  Here are some standards that we follow:

1. We only link content that contains a visible 2257 notice, stating that all performers were over the age of 18 at the time of production.  We will only link content that is clearly legal.

2. We only work with reputable content providers: those that have been in business for many years and employ proper business practices.

3. We try to sample the content ourselves to make sure that there is no questionable or borderline material, including performers that may look too young, or fantasy re-enactments that we deem inappropriate.

We've taken these steps to ensure that our members do not accidentally become exposed to illegal material and inadvertently download it to their computers.  Stay with us and be safe!

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You have a million links on the members page!  How is the site organized?

When you first enter our members' area you will feel a little overwhelmed.  This is because we offer more content than any adult website on the internet.  But not just a little more, literally hundreds of times more content, so you will need to get used to navigating around our site.

Just relax and take your time exploring all of our various content areas.  Due to sheer volume, it may take several hours to read about everything we have to offer.  The reason for the massive amount of content is that we want to appeal to everyone and therefore try to cater to most tastes and fetishes.  We want you to be a member of our site forever and never get bored!

Here are some general notes about how we organize the content in our Members Area.

  • At the top is our news section where we post the latest updates, additions, and changes.  We update the news section every couple of days but the website itself and most of our content sections are updated daily.

  • Below the news section is the heart of our website.  There are 4 major categories located one below the other: Live Shows, Videos, Pictures, Stories.  Sometimes, we will break down the categories further.  For example, Live Shows is broken down into Featured Content, Standard Content, and Gay Content.  The "Featured" content is generally stuff that we've purchased for our members, or otherwise links that we recommend.  Additionally, we try to list the content within each section in order of our favorites, so the best will often be at the top.

  • We usually sort our content according to the company that we purchase it from, and then according to categories within that content provider whenever possible.  For example, we purchase content from Extreme Feeds and have a link to them in the videos section of the Members Area.  Once you open the Extreme Feeds page, you will see a long list of categories of movies that you can access.

  • Content that does not fit into the main 4 categories is clumped into the category that we call Games, Celebs, Hentai, Gay, etc. which is pretty much all other miscellaneous content.  There are usually some really fun links here so check back often.  Included in this section is our Adult Personals page where we connect our members with other members to meet and "get lucky" in real life!

  • Last but not least is our Exclusive Offers section where we feature our favorite promotions available to our members.  What often happens is that large commercial adult web services want to get on our good side and run exclusive promotions especially for members of our website.  A lot of these offers are a must-see.  We list them last on the page so they do not get in the way of your browsing experience but you should definitely check them out.

  • We do NOT offer a global search engine on our site.  The reason is that since we purchase content from dozens of different vendors, it is not practical to standardize and integrate the data from everyone.  Rather, we organize our content in more of a directory style.  Once you are familiar with this style, you will find it easier than using a search engine.  Note: Some of our content providers DO offer a search feature but it can only be used to locate content within that provider.

  • If you are looking for a specific niche or fetish, we recommend that you simply take your time and browse the various content sections on our site and you will certainly find what you are looking for. For example, we do not have a separate "Foot Fetish" section but we have thousands of foot fetish pictures and movies located within the dozens of content providers on our site.

We hope that this helps you better understand our website so you can enjoy it even more!


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Why do some your links point to other sites?  Is this just a link site?

Some of our links point to locations outside of  This is because we have we have hundreds of leased content servers where we store much of content we purchase for our members.

Access to our content servers is authorized to ONLY to our members coming directly from the members area.  This is why you cannot bookmark the links you find on our site - if you try to access them without going through the members area you will be redirected to an error page.

Our millions of loyal fans will tell you that we are not just a link site, but the largest collection of exclusive premium adult content that we offer to our members 100% free. 

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Some of the links don't work or I get a BAD REFERRER error.  What's wrong?

We do our best to make sure that ALL of our content is always working for everyone, so if you are experiencing trouble, there is definitely something wrong.

  • Do you have a FIREWALL enabled? (Norton, McAfee, ZoneAlarm, etc)

If you do, this is likely the cause of the links not working.  When you click most links on our site we do a quick security check to see if the referring URL is allowed.  So basically we check if you are a legitimate member coming from, rather than a hacker trying to steal our stuff.

By default, most web browsers send this information automatically.  But some firewalls (and some web browsers) do not send this referrer information which prevents our website from recognizing you as a member and therefore you will receive an error.

How to fix this:  if you are familiar with your Firewall, please modify its configuration to allow the sending of referrers.  If you cannot find this option, then please disable your firewall while you're at our site (this is perfectly safe).  You might also have to delete your cache and cookies or even reboot your computer.

Note: Norton Internet Security is a particularly common culprit that causes this problem.  Please disable it while you are at our site and everything will work great.

Please visit our Instructions on Enabling Referring Info in Firewalls and Web Browsers.

We promise that our site is 100% safe and we will not harm or modify your computer in any way.

  • Do you have cookies enabled?

Some of our content requires an additional security check which requires cookies.  Please enable them in the preferences of your web browser.  Once again, this is nothing to be worried about.

  • Do you have an Internet Porn Filter or other Parental Control running?

This will surely prevent you from enjoying our site, and for good reason.  If you have parental controls on your browser you should NOT be on our site in the first place.  Please leave until you are 18 years old and able to legally and responsibly view adult content.

  • Do you have all the latest Media Player installed?

If you're having problems getting the movies to play, please re-install Windows Media Player and download the latest Codecs.  Just re-installing Windows Media Player (even if you already have the latest one) seems to fix a great majority of problems!

If you seem to be having problems with links that start with "mms://" then simply open your Windows Media Player, go to Tools -> Options -> Network tab and make sure that ALL of the check boxes are checked.  The result should look like this screenshot.

  • Are you using a Proxy to connect to our website?

Some of our content providers use security measures that verify your IP address before they let you access the content.  Therefore, if you are using a proxy or anything that may mask your IP address, you will not be able to access some of our content areas.

  • So you've done everything, and the content still isn't working?

Please contact us as soon as possible with AS MUCH INFORMATION AS POSSIBLE so we can fix any problems and get back to you with a solution!

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Why are some movies not playing or pausing or "re-buffering"?

All of the movies on our site are designed to play smoothly on your computer, so if there are any interruptions in the video then something is definitely wrong.

If you try to play a movie but the video or audio is screwed up, or if you receive an error message that says something like unsupported protocol, or if the movie does not play at all, then it is very likely that you are missing the required Codec.  Please read our next FAQ entry for help in solving this problem quickly.  If that does not help you, please contact us and let us know exactly which movie in which section you're talking about.  We will try to fix it immediately!

If a movie does play, but with pauses, interruptions, or re-buffering, please read the following:

There are 2 general ways to watch movies on the internet: downloading and streaming.

  • Downloading.  When you download a movie, you are in fact saving the movie file to your computer.  Once the movie is fully downloaded, you just play it right from your computer.  The movie will never pause or re-buffer because your computer already has the entire movie.

But movies are generally very large files and no one wants to wait around for them to download before beginning to watch them.  So a more popular method to watch movies is called "streaming" :

  • Streaming.  When you "stream" a movie on the internet, your computer will first download a small portion of it (like the first 10 seconds) in what is called the "buffering" period and then start playing. As the movie plays, your computer continues to download more and more of the movie, trying to keep ahead of the point where you are watching.

    However, sometimes the movie does not get downloaded fast enough to keep up with what you're watching.  At this point, all your computer can do is pause and download more of the movie before resuming the play-back - this is called a "Re-buffering" period and it's very frustrating.

    So "Re-buffering" happens when the download speed is too slow.  This can happen for 2 reasons:

    • Your internet connection.  How fast is your connection to the internet?  You need a broadband connection like a Cable or DSL line in order watch streaming movies.  Is it working properly?  Are you downloading other stuff at the same time?  Are you trying to watch more than one movie at the same time?

      Are you selecting the correct bitrate?  Many of our movies are offered at various bitrates. A bitrate is a measure of the quality and size of the movie.  The highest bitrates can be streamed only on the fastest broadband connections.  So if you are experiencing re-buffering, please select a lower bitrate.

      Note:  Bitrates are usually expressed in units called kilobits.  A dial-up modem can only handle a 56 kilobit movie while a fast DSL line or Cable modem should be able to handle 700 kilobits and above.  Sometimes you will see movie selections showing these numbers, while other times it will just say "High" or "Low" or "Cable" or "Dial-up".

    • Our internet connection.  With millions of users on our site every day, sometimes our servers and internet connections get overloaded.  We are constantly expanding our capacity to keep things running smoothly.  If something is slow, please let us know so we can fix it right away!

A final thought.  Because our website is absolutely free, when some of our members face technical difficulties (a re-buffering movie, for instance) they immediately start to think "you get what you pay for!" and assume that the problem is inherent to our free site.  That is absolutely not true.

We buy the exact same movies and use the exact same technology as the most expensive paysites on the internet, so any problems you experience at our site you would certainly experience anywhere else.  Additionally, given the sheer size of our site, we are able to offer a much wider selection of movies from dozens of different content providers, so if one of them is experiencing problems, simply use another one until the problem is fixed.  Each of our content providers is required to treat our members with the highest levels of service, and if you ever experience any trouble please contact us and we will research the problem immediately.

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The VIDEO or AUDIO is messed up in some movies.  Why?

If the video and audio are playing properly but you are experiencing interruptions or re-buffering, please read the previous FAQ question.

However, if you are having trouble getting a movie to start playing, or if the video or audio are missing or scrambled, then your computer is missing a required Codec.  Read on to learn more:

First of all, what are Codecs?  Why do we need them?

All video and audio files that are transmitted on the Internet must be encoded or compressed in some way.  Before you can watch video and hear the audio, these media files have to be decoded and decompressed by your video player, like Windows Media Player, for example.  If they are not decoded, then the video may not work, or the audio may not work, or some combination of the two.

So your computer needs a Compression-decompression algorithm, also known as a Codec.  Most video and audio files use very common Codecs that are automatically installed when you install a new version of Windows Media Player.  But there are also more rare exotic Codecs, particularly used for AVI and MPEG files, that do not come standard and must be installed separately.

We are constantly researching this issue to make sure that our members have the latest Codecs and are able to watch ANY movie, both on our website and everywhere else on the Internet.  Please download the recommended Codec bundles below:

1. Download Windows Media Player Codecs

Go to and download and install the latest version of Windows Media Player.  This will automatically give you all of the latest WMV Codecs and some others.  Even if you already have the latest version of Windows Media Player, simply downloading it again and re-installing it will fix a majority of problems.  Recommended!

If you are using Windows Vista, please download the latest Windows Vista Codec Package and this will fix all of your problems.  You can read more about it on its official Vista Codec homepage.

2. Download Other Codecs

"The Codecs" from Theorica Software.  This codec bundle is pretty old but usually works great.  We recommend that you download "The Codecs" 5.0 Full Version (not the Lite).
Links:  "The Codecs" Homepage, "The Codecs" Download Page.

K-Lite Codec Pack.  One of the most popular and frequently updated Codec bundles.  Excellent!
Links: K-Lite Codec Pack Homepage, K-Lite Codec Pack Download Page.

It is highly unlikely that you will need any other Codec bundles, but if you do, check out which is the largest database of free Codec bundles.

Important information

To get these Codecs to work you must download the Codec bundles, install the Codec bundles, and then make sure to restart your computer.  If you still have problems, please contact us and tell us exactly what movie does not work, in exactly which section.

Setting Windows Media Player as Default (optional)

Once you have installed a new version of Windows Media Player, you may want to make sure that your computer uses it as your default video player to watch movies.  For example, when you try to open a movie, does it play in Windows Media Player or in a different video player?

If it tries to play in a different media player, you need to set Windows Media Player as default.  Here is how:

If you are running Windows XP or earlier, here is how to set Windows Media Player as your default video player and how to associate Windows Media Player with specific file types.

If you are running Windows Vista, please go to Control Panel -> Default Programs and set Windows Media Player as the default program or associate it with specific video file types.

If this does not fix your problem or if you have any other questions, please contact us and let us know exactly which movie in which section you're talking about.  We will help you right away.

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I'm using the FIREFOX browser and some movies won't play.  What's wrong?

If you are using the Firefox web browser and some of our movies will not work, it means that you are missing the required plugin(s).  Here is how to fix your problem:

1) Make sure you have the latest version of Firefox installed.

2) Download and install the Windows Media Player on Firefox Plug-in.

3) Download and install any other Firefox Plugins that you need, particularly the Adobe Flash Player plugin.

4) Restart your Firefox web browser and you should be able to view any movie on our website.

If you are still having trouble, please download and install the latest version of Windows Media Player.  Even if you already have the latest version, this re-install will solve many problems.)

In older versions of Firefox, there was a documented problem regarding embedded Windows Media Player videos.  The solution was to download the Windows Media Player Plugin for Netscape.

If you are still having problems, please contact us right away and we will help you.  In the mean time, you can just use the latest version of Internet Explorer with the latest version of Windows Media Player.

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I have a Mac/Apple computer and some movies don't work.  Why?

Some of our content is in Windows Media format which may be incompatible with some Macs.  There are steps you can take to fix the problem:

1. Please download and install Windows Media Player 9 for Mac.

2. To make sure that your web browser can recognize and play Windows Media formats, please download and install Windows Media Components for QuickTime.  This will solve nearly all your issues, particularly when you get errors regarding missing plug-ins or unknown MIME types like video/x-ms-asf-plugin.

3. Please make sure that you are using the latest version of your web browser like Safari.  (If you are using Safari for Windows, please make sure you have the latest Safari Plugins installed.)

4. You may need to get DivX for Mac, or just the DivX Codecs for Mac.  This should allow you to play MPEG and AVI files that we have available for download.

NOTE:  We are trying to get more and more content encoded in Flash which is cross-platform compatible and should work great on your Mac computer.  Visit our Flash Video section!

Please let us know what more we can do to help improve our Mac user experience. Thanks!

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I can't sign up because it says the RANDOM NUMBER is incorrect!

In order to help prevent automated signups, we ask our surfers to type in a randomly generated number during the signup process.  This number should load as an image right above the text entry form.  If it does not load or if you see a broken image, it please contact us.

If you do see the random number and when you enter it exactly as it is shown you receive an error, that usually means that it is a problem with your COOKIES.  To fix this, you must:

1) Enable your cookies in your web browser.

2) Clear all your old cookies in your web browser.

3) Restart your web browser.

It's a pretty simple and harmless solution.  If you have followed these steps and still you get an error, please contact us and we will help you.

As a backup to our primary cookie-based random number system, we have developed an alternate random number system that you can use if you are having too many problems with the first one.  As soon as you attempt to sign up and you enter the number incorrectly, we will display a link to the backup system.  Just click on that link and enter the new number you see, and you'll be registered right away.

This is just one example of the hundreds of things we do every day to make life easier for our members. :-)

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What is iFriends?  Why do a lot of your links point to it and ask me to join?

iFriends is the web's largest provider of online webcams and video chat, they have tens of thousands of exclusive models online that are eager to chat with our members.  We've made a deal with iFriends to offer all of our members a FREE MEMBERSHIP, but because many of their webcams show hardcore adult content, they require you to provide a credit card with your registration.  The age verification cost is only $1, and it is absolutely worth it.

Many of our links point to iFriends simply because so many of our members have joined them and enjoy the iFriends Members Content.  If you haven't joined, click here to do so!

We offer live webcams and chat from dozens of other providers, so what makes iFriends so special?

1) The girls iFriends usually has over 2000 girls online at any time throughout the day.  Beautiful American college co-eds as well as gorgeous women from everywhere around the world.  The best webcam performers know that iFriends is the best and most exclusive webcam platform and therefore choose to go on webcam through iFriends rather than any other website.

2) The technology iFriends has been the leader in the webcam industry since 1996 and they have never stopped developing their own proprietary video streaming technology.  It is quite simply the best, and currently they are the only webcam platform that supports webcams streaming in High Definition (HD).

3)  Service, security, privacy iFriends is BY FAR the largest adult webcam website on the Internet and therefore has the infrastructure in place to offer the best support to both its customers and webcam performers.  We have chosen iFriends as our partners because they offer unparalleled safety to our valued members and they are the only webcam platform we can wholeheartedly recommend.

If you're not a member already, click here to register with iFriends absolutely free.

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My password isn't working!  Help!

Relax, don't worry, we'll help you!

First of all, you need to make sure you have the correct username and password.  The best way to do that is to go to our homepage and click the "Password Retrieval" link to have your membership information sent to you.  (If you no longer have access to that e-mail address, all you can do is sign up again with your new e-mail address.)

Now that you have the correct username and password, you need remember that your username is your FULL email, not just the part before the @ sign.  So for example, your username might be "", rather than just JohnDoe.

You may also delete your temporary internet files / cache, and delete your cookies, and restart your computer for good measure.

Now go to our Members Area, you will be prompted for a username and password.  Enter it exactly as it was sent to you earlier and you should be all set.  If all else fails, contact us, but please remember that with millions of members we cannot spend our time looking up everyone's password.

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I've forgotten my password.  Can you send it to me?

No problem, please go to our homepage a click the "Password Retrieval" link and enter your e-mail address.  Your password will be e-mailed to you instantly.  If you no longer have access to that email address or if you are not receiving our e-mail for some reason, then just signup again with your new e-mail address and you will be issued a brand new password.

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How can I best use your Blog and RSS Feed?

We've set up an Official Blog where we can share all of our latest news and updates with our fans and members.  We hope you like it!

Our blog has an RSS feed which will allow you to stay up-to-date with all new entries without having to visit the blog every day.  Check out our old section on RSS which will explain what RSS is and how to use it.

We hope that our blog will serve as a more interactive portion of our site.  This is the perfect opportunity for you to get your voice heard.  Feel free to comment on our entries or contact us directly and let us know what you think.

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How do I get porn on my iPod/PSP/Phone/PS3/Wii or any other?

We have created this dedicated page to explain how to transfer videos to any non-computer device, including mobile phones, PDAs, iPods, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, and many more.

Any movie that you download on our site can EASILY be viewed on any computer or non-computer device 100% free.  Please click here to view our guide.  If you have any questions, please let us know.

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How can I get rid of spyware/viruses/BADWARE that I got from other websites?

  • What is Badware?

There are lots of names for it.  Spyware, adware, trojan horses, or even viruses.  But at the end of the day it's "bad software" or "Badware" that you do NOT want on your computer.  Primarily, the creators of Badware try to unsuspectingly install it on your computer so that it displays popups or other advertising so that they can sell this advertising space for huge profits.  In other cases, the Badware is designed to use your internet connection to launch attacks or spam other computers.  We are fully behind Google's campaign at to help educate and inform web surfers against the dangers of Badware and the websites that promote it.

  • Does have Badware?

Absolutely not.  We think that the people who design and link to Badware are the scum of the earth.  We try to educate our surfers to properly remove Badware from their computer as well as to spot potential Badware in the future so they are never infected again.  Once you are free of Badware you will enjoy our site even more!

  • How do I know if my computer is infected with Badware?

If you are browsing the web and randomly receive pop-ups all the time, there is a very good chance that your computer is infected with Badware.  For example, our website does not have any popups.  So if you are receiving popups while on then that is a sure sign that you have Badware on your computer.  The best thing to do is just to run a free program that checks for Badware and that will tell you right away if your computer is infected.  Some good programs are described below.

  • How did my computer get infected with Badware?

There are dozens of ways your computer could have been infected.  Here are the most common ways:

1) You may have accidentally download a malicious file from the internet that was in fact Badware.

2) You may have installed a program that had Badware "bundled" to it.  Some free programs on the internet are "sponsored" by advertising - often times that means Badware!  Kazaa is a good example.

3) You may have tried to download a video and before it played it asked you to "acquire a license" and then install something.  This is all over the internet and it is done by a company called Zango.  The debate is still out if it is in fact Badware, but please read the SiteAdvisor report on Zango and decide for yourself.

There is a VERY GOOD CHANCE your computer has Badware on it.  Read on to learn to remove it!

  • How can I get rid of Badware?

There are hundreds of anti-Badware tools out there but after so many years in the porn business and having to remove Badware from our own computers lots of times, we know the best programs by name.  Here is what you do, we've going to make it very simple for you:

Step 1: Download and install the latest free versions of SpyBot Search and Destroy and Ad-Aware.  These two programs are very similar but often times one program can detect what the other can't.

Step 2: Run a full system scan using the programs above, do what the programs asks, reboot as necessary.

Note: If both programs say that your computer is clean, then you are done.  If the programs say that they have detected and fixed the problem(s), then you should confirm it by restarting the computer and see if they find the same problems again.

For Advanced Users: Download and install the latest free version of Hi-Jack This and StartupList.  These are very simple and powerful tools.  Run them to see if they detect any problems.

As a Last resort .. or to Learn More: Check out the very informative SpywareInfo Forum.  Browse around and you will see questions and answers regarding problems very similar to yours.  Or post your own question and you will get a dozen helpful replies right away!

If the above steps did not help your computer problems, then it is possible that you are infected with a real virus and not Badware.  In that case, please download one or more of the following great free anti-virus programs: AVG Free Anti-Virus, Avast Anti-Virus, ClamWin Anti-Virus.

You may have noticed that everything we have recommended is free.  DO NOT spend money on this software, the free stuff works much better.  Expensive anti-viruses and firewalls like Norton and McAfee just clog up your computer and do little good - we wonder if they are worse than the viruses they try to stop!

Please send us your comments on this Badware section.  Did we help you?  Why or why not?

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How do I erase my tracks and clean my web browser history?

Every time you browse the internet, your web browser stores information on which websites you've visited and what files you have downloaded.  This information is used to make websites load faster the next time to visit them as well as to auto-complete web addresses (URLs) and online forms.

However, if you share access to your computer with others, particularly minors, it is a good idea to erase all traces of surfing this website (or any adult website) to make sure they do not accidentally come upon it through your internet history or auto-completed URLs.

There are lots of programs available that claim to delete your internet tracks, but most of them cost money and many do not even work very well.  As always, we've found our loyal surfers a free alternative in a great program called CCleaner.  It is absolutely free, contains no Badware, and will instantly clean all of your internet tracks in Windows, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

But remember:  This program will only delete your URL history, auto-complete history, temporary internet files, and cookies.  It will NOT delete movies or pictures that you have downloaded or explicitly saved to your computer.  You will have to delete those files by hand from the places you saved them to.

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Why are disposable e-mail address not accepted when joining this site?

There are certain services and websites out there that offer what's called "disposable e-mail addresses" which are one-time use e-mail addresses used for joining sites that require an e-mail to register.

While we applaud the concept, and we think it is extremely useful in many instances to help prevent spam and protect your identity, here is why we chose not allow disposable e-mails on our website:

  • ABUSE.  We have received millions of submissions from these fake e-mails.  By eliminating them, we are able to provide a more efficient website with faster registration and quicker loading times.

  • LEGAL ISSUES.  When you join our site, your e-mail address serves as a digital signature that you agree to abide by our Terms and Conditions.  We cannot accept an e-mail that we know is fake.

  • OUR EGO.  We spend a tremendous amount of money, time, and energy to keep this free site online.  And through all that, we have NEVER sold our e-mail addresses, spammed our users, or sent a pointless email.  So if you can't trust us with your e-mail, then we don't want you as a member.

Note:  If we made a mistake and blocked a legitimate e-mail address provider, please contact us.

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Will you send free porn to my e-mail?

No.  If you're looking for free porn by e-mail, you're at the wrong website.  We never e-mail our users sexually explicit material because we feel that would violate their privacy.  Looking at porn is something a person should choose to do at a time and place of his or her own choosing.  We do not want our loyal members to open up an e-mail at work that could get them fired.

The only time we will e-mail you is if you request a lost password or if it's one of our newsletters every few months.  And even these newsletters do not contain any sexual or inappropriate images.

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How often will I receive mail from  Will you spam me?

After your initial registration, the ONLY time you will hear from us is in our updates newsletter.  We try to send a newsletter to our members a few times per year, letting everyone know what's new at the site.  In every email there is a 1-click unsubscribe link.  And we NEVER give our our members' e-mail addresses to anyone else.  In short, your email address is 100% safe with us and we will never spam you, and no "partner sites" will spam you either. :-)

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I am having trouble receiving e-mails from your site.  Help!

As Internet Service Providers (ISPs) take broader measures to stop spam, it becomes inevitable that some e-mails get delayed or deleted on the way to your mailbox.  And since receiving our e-mail is necessary for initial registration or to retrieve your password, we understand just how important it is for our e-mails to go through - as well as how frustrating it is when they do not.

To minimize this problem for our valued members, we constantly work with most of the major e-mail providers to make sure that all of our e-mails get delivered immediately without problems.

We've set up a special page called Current E-Mail Status where we list all of the common e-mail providers as well as any current problems (and solutions!) with respect to e-mail trouble.

If you don't feel like reading any more about problems and solutions, here is our short answer to e-mail trouble: use another e-mail address with a different domain name.  (i.e. AOL doesn't work? Try Gmail, etc).

Add us to your whitelist:  To get around most spam filters, the easiest thing to do is to add our e-mail address to your address book or contacts list.  This will let your ISP know that we are an approved sender and they will be less likely to interfere with our e-mail to you.

The e-mail addresses we normally use to e-mail our members are: and, although we may occasionally use a different address.

An easy way to get our e-mail added as a contact is to send us a blank e-mail to and  Your ISP will either automatically add us as your contact or allow you to confirm that you want to add us.  You can also just manually add us as a contact in your contacts list or address book, in which case you can use and  If there is an approved domain list, please just add "" and "".

Here are detailed instructions on whitelisting with most ISPs and Spam Filters.

And if you're really having trouble that you can't get around, please contact us and we will help you.


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How do I change my email address registered with the site?

If you are changing your ISP or for whatever other reason want to change your email address registered with us, here is what we suggest.  Go to and signup with your new e-mail address. Once we issue your new username and password, you may login as your OLD account and click "delete your account" in the members' area.

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How can I block access to this site?

This question is actually not "frequently asked" but we wanted to address it so we can have a chance to explain our many filtering options.  This is an adult site with sexually-explicit material that is not appropriate for everyone.  As such, we have done absolutely everything in our power to make it as easy as possible for people to block access to our site for whatever reason.

We've written a comprehensive guide on Restricting Access to Our Website and Other Adult Sites.  We spend a great deal of of time and effort researching this topic so we can present our visitors with the latest and most accurate information.  Here is the table of contents from our guide:

We are always thinking of new ways to keep our website only accessible to responsible adults and we encourage all of our users to please contact us if you feel there is anything more we can do.

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I'd like to pay for an adult site membership.  Which one do you recommend?

We have a great collection of adult paysites where you can get a free trial membership with your credit card, and if you like them you can stay on as a member.  You will not see a charge on your credit card until you decide you want to be a full fledged member.

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I heard that was carbon-neutral.  What does that mean?

We are a carbon-neutral website.  This means that we purchase "carbon offsets" to balance out any greenhouse gas emissions we create by running our website and office operations.  After calculating our carbon footprint from the use of electricity and gasoline, we purchased the same amount of carbon offsets at, helping to fund renewable energy, energy efficiency, and reforestation.

In addition, we routinely audit the hardware in our data centers to ensure that all of our electricity is put to efficient use, and that only energy-saving servers and appliances are purchased whenever possible.

We encourage other online businesses to reduce their energy use and purchase carbon offsets in order to help the environment and raise awareness.  If you have any questions on how to get started, please contact us and we would be delighted to help.

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This site kicks ass. How can I thank you or help you?

We're glad you like the site. Here is a brief list of things you can do to help, in order of increasing benefit:

  1. Contact Us - Let us know what you like and dislike about the site. How can we improve?

  2. Add our site to your bookmarks and Add us to your favorites

  3. Tell Your Friends - Spread the word about and tell everyone to join!

  4. Link Us - On your homepages, on your profiles, everywhere add links to our site!

  5. Visit and join our free sponsors: iFriends for live cams, and our Free Password adult sites.

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If your question is still unanswered, please contact us. Thanks!

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